Hot Shots – Patlu’s Game PC

Play online Hot Shots Motu Patlu Game. This is an easy and interesting flash game . Make at least 10 baskets before the time runs out. Any basket over 10 each level earns you a extra point. Here you can play all motu and patlu games for free.

Hot Shots - Motu Patlu Games Free Download 2016

Hot Shots!

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How to Play Hot Shots Game Online

This is an easy flash game, hot shot patlu’s make at least 10 baskets before time runs out to go to the next level. You will receive 2 points for each basket and 3 points for each additional basket.

This Motu Patlu Hot shots game is quite interesting, once you clicked on the Play Icon, you will be given 45 secs to make at least 10 baskets. Don’t worry the number of basket are achievable. The only thing is you should use your time not thinking how do I made a basket, perhaps you should try it. The basket moves from right to left you have to adjust your position accordingly. Bonus time is also given to help you in competing this game. Above all you should give it a try playing Hot shots game. This is interesting and easy to play.


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