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Play Online Nick Cricket Academy. It’s one of the best Motu and Patlu games. All you need to is answer questions asked in Cricket Academy online flash game by Motu Patlu.

Motu Patlu Games - Nick Cricket Academy

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 How to Play Nick Cricket Academy flash game online- Motu Patlu Game

There are 10 questions you need to answer in Nick Cricket Academy. Each question has 4 options. Keep your eye on timer yoe you have only 30 secs to answer. Earn 30 points by giving answer in first 20 secs. In case you run out of time while answering you will get only five points. You might interested in The Impossible Quiz

 Story Behind the Game – Motu aur Patlu Games

It’s a samosa break in Nick Cricket academy. Win a samosa for your favorite Motu by answering question correctly. Win maximum samosas for your Motu & best of luck.

Nick Cricket Academy by Motu Patlu: A Breath Taking Untold Story Thought to be Urban Legend

Motu Patlu Cricket Academy aka MPCA is internationally recognized governing body of cricket. MPCA headquarter spread on 40,000 acar is situated out of human sight in the middle of Furfuri Nagar.

The venture of Motu Patlu and cricket academy was a decisive turning point in the history of human civilization.

According to Albert Einstein, who is a Cricket Academy Award winner (1879), Motu Aur Patlu were a million light years ahead in respect of experimental knowledge as compared to him.

If we were to quote some of the extraordinary (Wo) men in the field of Cricket Quantum Mechanics, they would all have said one thing “I do not understand” or two things “Why ?”

  1. Motu and Patlu (The Legendary Cricket Players) – Birth, adventures of youth, The declaration of war against the whole world in their teens. The misfits became the legends in cricket by mistake.
  2. Motu Patlu Cricket Team and Its Organization – 2 versus 11 player 30 days 30 night game.
  3. MPCA Poor Player Empowerment Program – The discovery of alternate forms of cricket i.e book cricket etc.
  4. Motu Patlu Cricket World Cup 2016
  5. Motu Patlu Jodi Academy Award 2015 (Live from Mumbai)
  6. Nick Cricket Champions Vs Nick Bowling Champions in IPL
  7. Motu Patlu Cricket Battle Attack on Nickelodeon’s Owner
  8. The Cricket Academies across the globe are Expressing their Concerns on the Nomination of Motu Patlu Cricket Academy for The Nobel Prize of Peace.
  9. The Criticism (A Fool’s Act) – Don’t you dare speak ill of Motu Patlu.

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